Monday, October 31, 2011


Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich
by Adam Rex
(Harcourt, 2006)
Greetings, eye candy lovers! We have chosen the obvious for today's post: All Hallow's Eve covers. These are all Halloween books in verse (or of verse), yet they differ vastly from one another in style and subject matter. No copycats here--that's as plain as the wart on a witch's nose.

This witch apparently does not know that black robes are expected, and that they are also slimming:

By the Light of the Halloween Moon
by Caroline Stutso
Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes
(reprinted by Marshall Cavendish, 2009)

Halloween Night positively glows:

Halloween Night
by Marjorie Dennis Murray
Illus. Brandon Dorman
(Greenwillow, 2010)

More clever covers--monsters, ghosts and witches!

There Was an Old Monster
by the Emberleys
(Orchard, 2009)

Three Little Ghosties
by Pippa Goodhart
Illus. by Annalaura Cantone
(Bloomsbury, 2007)

Which Way to Witch School?
by Scott Santoro
(Harper, 2010)
May your Halloween be full of the stuff nightmares are made of.

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