Sunday, August 21, 2011

Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around

The first two covers inspired this week's post with their similar layouts. What stands out in all of these covers is the combination of the photographic images, fonts, and art work.

There has to be a term for this top-bottom design with the title sandwiched in the middle (anyone know?). It certainly works to make the title the focal point.

(Tundra Books, 2010)

Great colour on the "wolves" cover, although I'm not sure about the hair - is she in a wind storm or is she falling?

(Viking Children's Books, 2010)

A.E. Cannon (Harper Teen, 2008)

Another top-bottom split, but this one might still be following the law of thirds by having the title cover more than half.

And on the next cover we get it all, the top-bottom split, some layering with print, and even a yoyo thrown in for good measure.

by Beverley Brenna (Red Deer Press, 2007)

The extra art work builds on the photographs and grounds the images to the page. No floating heads here.

Andrew Smith (Feiwel & Friends, 2010)

Yes, this last one is more of a left-right split, but still very cool images. Great choice with the colour only appearing in the lenses.


  1. Great idea for a comparison! It takes an ability to see things from opposing points of view, I guess, to come up with these designs. In other news, I need a pair of those steampunk specs on the last cover.

  2. Ahh, I've always loved the Marbury Lens cover! Also, The Moon Children cover?....what the what.

  3. I agree the Marbury Lens cover is intense. Definitely thought of you Carol & steampunk. YouTube has a great trailer of the lenses in action.