Monday, August 8, 2011

Circular Reasonings

Round and round and round we go . . . 
Shall we talk of circles on children's book covers? We shall! Circles suggest targets, planets, infinity, security, rolling, wholeness, irises, rings, discs. Consider these covers and what may have been the reasons for their circular designs:

Nickel Plated by Aric Davis
(Amazon Encore, 2011)
Outside of logo designs, circles are less common elements of design which makes them good for grabbing attention, providing emphasis, and breaking up familiar rectangular blocks of text. ~ Jacci Howard Bear,

Countdown by Deborah Wiles
(Scholastic, 2010)

This clever cover has a circle at its heart:

Bunheads by Sophie Flack
(Poppy/Little Brown, October 2011)

Circles abound on the cover of this picture book:

Big Red Lollipop by Rukhsana Khan, Sophie Blackall, illus.
(Viking, 2010)

And finally, a personal favorite, circle-wise:

Nothing to Lose by Alex Flinn
(HarperCollins, 2005)


  1. I love all these covers. I had seen the Countdown before and wanted to feature in on my blog, but I had read that it was an MG novel. I love music-inspired covers. =)

  2. Yeah, Countdown is a middle grade novel. It seems sophisticated when you consider that. So many MG covers are busy.