Sunday, July 24, 2011

More Canadian Covers

My cousin was visiting from the UK and wanted to pick up some Canadian books for her daughters. It was fun finding some of the latest Canadian offerings on the shelves. Here are some great covers that caught my eye during the search for Canadian content.

A fun font:

Kyo Maclear & Isabbelle Arsenault (Kids Can Press, 2010)

Strong impact with this title, especially with the contrast to the dust road.

(Double Day Canada, 2011)

Speaking of impact, nothing like a few bullet holes to disturb a pretty forest scene. Great way to achieve a layered effect too.

(Candlewick, 2011)

This cover seems simple. But why aren't they pairs of feet? And why are they dirty? And what do they have to do with a hare or an elephant? Any cover that leads to this many questions is likely going to have readers opening the book.

(Red Deer Press, 2010)

Feet seem to be a popular device in covers. The hand written envelop is another nice technique to draw in those middle grade readers.

(Tundra Books, 2010)

Always good to have visitors remind you to take a new look at some interesting covers. What have you discovered on the shelves lately?


  1. What a fun and beautifully designed blog! I've just become a follower. Wish I'd been reading this blog from the start... It no doubt would have improved the covers I designed for my self-published books, one of which turned out to be quite misleading in a way that has negatively affected sales. Thanks!!!

  2. Hey, thanks, Robin! Welcome! Glad to have another reader AND a commenter as well.
    I love Tim's BLINK AND CAUTION cover and I bet you he gets a kick out of having that bullet hole for the O in Jones. The cover is also embossed, so you get a tactile bullet hole experience.

  3. much as i love BLINK AND CAUTION, and the cover is great, the new UK paperback edition really gets it right. it isn't available to view anywhere on line (some of us had a private showing recently) but blink is on the front, caution is on the rear, and it's awesome.

  4. Greetings Robin. I've been learning a ton about covers with the blog too. Keep checking back for more.

    David - Thanks for the tease. You have to love when they "get it right".