Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Simply Irresistible: Blue Hill Books, April, 2011

Welcome to another installment of "Simply Irresistible," a Jacket Knack feature wherein we travel the world taking cell phone snapshots (of questionable quality) of covers in situ on bookstore shelves and then bringing them here to you.

This time we find ourselves in Blue Hill, Maine. It was a sleety afternoon in early April when we visited, but a cozy and inviting welcome awaited us at Blue Hill Books, a tiny but well stocked shop.

The kids' selections were downstairs so we tromped on down with our camera to snap pix of any book covers that caught our attention. Despite the limited space, we found plenty of cover candy to feast on, both old favorites and new:

Blue Hill Books provides proof that there's no shortage of local children's book authors in Downeast Maine:


  1. CB, I went to find out more about The Unnamables since it looks intriguing. Found this hardcover version--so different!

    (I like the paperback cover better.)

    Nice post!

  2. Oh, my--When I followed your link and saw the earlier hardcover, I realized that I have actually met Ms. Booraem at a book festival in Maine months ago. It figures--I remember the cover art but not the author's name. (I think I like this later version better, too.)