Monday, January 24, 2011

Simply Irresistible: Bear Pond Books, January, 2011

What happens when a Jacket Knack blogger visits the children's bookstore? A new blog feature begins, that's what. Introducing "Simply Irresistible"! In this feature, we'll be traveling the world, taking cell phone snapshots (of questionable quality) of covers in situ on bookstore shelves and bringing them here to you.

Our first excursion takes us to Bear Pond Books, Montpelier, Vermont. What covers caught my eye? Behold!

Orangutans are Ticklish by Jill Davis
photography by Steve Grubman
(Schwartz and Wade, 2010)
We don't cover enough non-fiction covers. However, this orangutan was impossible to miss.

Looking for a Moose by Phyllis Root
illus. by Randy Cecil
(Candlewick, 2006)
Vermont and moose. Like peanut butter and jelly.

Thumbelina, illus. Sylvia Long (Chronicle, 2010)
This cover is way more gorgeous than this photo lets on. Thumbelina never had it so good.

Dog Loves Books by Louise Yates
(Random House, 2010)
Simple and sweet. For the youngest book lovers.

Last Song by James Guthrie, illus. by Eric Rohmann
(Roaring Brook, 2010)
The die-cut cover reveals a cuddly nest of sleeping squirrels. Read a review.

Warriors: Omen of the Stars #3, Night Whispers
by Erin Hunter (HarperCollins, 2010)
A middle grade fantasy series starring felines? How did I miss this one? Have you read them? Please do tell in the comments.

Dark Life by Kat Falls (Scholastic, 2010)

Nothing says eerie like a jellyfish. More about this debut novel here.

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer (Philomel, 2010)
I might not have looked twice at this image online, but in person this cover stands out! Read a review from the LA Times that makes this vampiric novel sound like what the Twilight series should have been.

Jennifer Donnelly's Revolution (Delacorte, 2010)
A twist on the half-face cover meme.

Good Fortune by Noni Carter (Simon and Schuster, 2011)
Hurrah for cover girls of color!

Here's hoping you've enjoyed our journey through Bear Pond Books. Comments encouraged!


  1. Love it! I worked at an independent bookstore for many years, so I'm all about supporting that.

    I often meant to get around to posting pics of various libraries I've visited but never did quite get around to it. I like how this is a variation on that.

    I reviewed Orangutans Are Ticklish a few months back.

    You haven't read Warriors? My niece loved them when she was a little younger. The basic concept is that the cats live in a suburban wildness, organized into "clans" where they battle each other for supremacy. An escaped housecat, (whom they derisively refer to as a "kittypet") decides to join them. One of my favorite lines from the first book, is after the alpha cat has been taken down by the housecat Rusty is, "Imagine! Being beaten by a kittypet!" For some reason, that just had me rolling. The language is interesting - everything is seen through cat's eyes, so humans are called "Two-Legs" etc. "Erin Hunter" is actually a team of 4 different writers - and while the books won't win any awards, they are entertaining.

    I reviewed Nightshade as well. That LA Times article makes it sound like there are vampires in the book -- not really, it's all werewolves, plus a few other magical creatures. I think there's tons of crossover appeal for Twilight fans though. Here's a quote from my review, "For a group of werewolves, these guys sure act a lot like vampires. They go to exclusive nightclubs, wear beautiful clothing, appear to live upper-middle class or better, they bare their fangs in human form when annoyed, they scorn most humans as being beneath them, and they even drink each other's blood when they need healing."

  2. Oh, I should have read that review more carefully! Glad you set me straight, Madigan. The Warrior books sound like a fun read. I should've also mentioned that I love Jennifer Donnelly and this new one looks delish.

  3. Warriors is a staple in our library. we have over 20 books in the series and they are frequently out as new children discover them by word of mouth. Very epic, fantasy quests acted out by very familiar cats. The kids love it, and we love how it circulates and gets them to read!

  4. Love them all, CB, but especially adore the sleeping squirrels.

    Great new feature! Now I need to invest in a better phone with a better camera.

  5. But the poor quality of the photos is part of the charm, PB!
    canngil: There are more than 20 books in this series?!

  6. I think the L.A. review actually got it wrong - no vamps in the book.
    The Nightshade quote I provided was from my own review. ;)

  7. I have read the first three Warriors book. I think you need to be 12 or under to really like them. I have trouble with the sheer number of characters with similar names in the books, but the students ADORE them.