Monday, January 31, 2011

Hungry? Bite Into the WHAT'S FOR DINNER? Blog Tour

What's for Dinner? (Charlesbridge, February, 2011)
Let's talk perspective. Let's talk use of space. Let's talk about the cover art of the upcoming book of poems about who's eating whom in the animal world, What's for Dinner? by Katherine B. Hauth, illustrated by David Clark.

This cover grabs us and throws us into the belly of the beast--or at least onto its tongue--and gives us plenty of foreshadowing about what layeth ahead. Now that's an out-of-the-ordinary perspective. We're also given the sense that this creature's gaping maw extends well beyond the borders of the book. Yikes.

I asked illustrator David Clark for a few words about his work on What's for Dinner?:

"[T]he art was done with Pen & Ink with watercolor washes on Arches paper," Clark explains. "The subject matter was a dream for me.  My style and general sense of humor borders on the macabre...... (I assume Katherine is like minded)... So I was a pig in slop with this project!"

We're always asking on Jacket Knack how a cover might work to draw the right reader to it, and this one has a very good chance of succeeding. Beastly teeth, a frog, a fly, they all beckon to that kid with a taste for danger and icky things.

Thanks to David Clark and the folks at Charlesbridge, and thanks to author Uma Krishnaswami for pointing this publisher to our blog for the tour. Happy to be included!

David Clark's reference to style and the macabre makes me think of an article I read recently about another artist with perhaps similar taste:

Incidentally, did you know that Addams originally wanted to name the Addams' son "Pubert," but the publisher demurred?

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