Monday, September 13, 2010

3 Cover Stories Too Good to Miss

Three, count 'em, three cover stories:

First of all, we have Adam Rex, one of my personal writerly/illustratorly heroes, and his post about all of the cover designs he came up with for Jon Scieszka's Guys Read: Funny Business, an anthology edited by Mr. S. which comes out this month. (Incidentally, I read once that Scieszka is pronounced "CHESS-kah," rhymes with Fresca. Right?)

Second of all, we have Betsy Bird at Fuse #8's recent post about artists who have more than one middle grade book cover coming out this year, "Now Let Us Praise Famous Jacket Artists-2010." Oh, man. Kids today are so lucky to have such talented people out there creating book covers. (I reserve the right to mention some of these again when next we talk about Pretty Neat-o Title Fonts.)

Third of all, we have the Caustic Cover Critic comparing some adult covers for books that are being repackaged for teens by Walker. He's placed them side by side in "Adults vs. Young Adults." The ones on the left are the teen versions--does the makeover make sense? Wha'd 'ya think? I do like the Life of Pi version , but I don't understand why the change was necessary. The original fits the story so well.

I know, I know. You were hoping for more typeface stuff this week, right? I ain't gonna disappoint. Here, we got this guy Paul Shaw's top 10 most important new typefaces of the decade for "Imprint," the blog for Print Magazine.

Coming next week: More about fantasy covers from Patti L. Brown. Stay tuned!


  1. CB, I like the YA covers with the exception of I'M NOT SCARED. I don't get why the newer version would be more appealing to teens. Wheat sheaths? Being harvested? I thought the 'adult' version was creepier... probably the fantasy reader in me coming out. The title suggests creepy, so I want creepy all over. Wheat does not suggest fear to me. (Nor do most grains, for that matter.)

    Loved the GUYS READ cover sequence, especially the museum series. Amazing that Adam Rex came up with so many different designs for one book... but I guess that's what illustrators do.

  2. I don't know, Patti. Bulgur is pretty damned scary. Actually, I agree with you. Wheat? What teen would be drawn to that?

  3. Oh, wow, I've JUST NOW stumbled upon your site. I love it - going to be subscribing for sure. Great content!

  4. Thanks, "that"! Looking forward to hearing from you in the comments.

  5. Hey, if you go back to the "Adults vs. Young Adults" post linked to above, there's now a response included from the art director at Walker about the reasons behind the YA covers. I don't think we necessarily expect the teen versions to be "younger" looking, but just more vibrant and hip.