Monday, August 9, 2010

Look! The Queen!

At a reader's suggestion, I've been on a mission searching diligently for the Queen. Or rather a cover with Queen Elizabeth II. Who knew it would be so difficult. She's all over Canadian money but apparently not all over Canadian book covers.

Hopes were high when I read the title Canada's Queen: Elizabeth II, edited by Patti Tasko (Wiley, 2007). They were soon dashed however, when I saw the cover:
Regal, but no picture of her majesty! So I broadened the search and had some fun.
Looney Bay All Stars: Final Face Off
by Heleine Becker, ill. Sampar
(Scholastic Canada Ltd., 2008)

It's not QE II but how can you resist a monarch in the hockey stands?

Another cover seemed appropriate after previous posts about body parts. The Queen's Feet, by Sarah Ellis, illustrated by Dusan Petricic (Red Deer Press, 2006). And these feet actually are an important part of the story.

I'll keep my eyes open but it seems that Elizabeth II hasn't been around long enough to show up in children's fiction, at least not here in Canada.

I'd love to hear from readers who have found and enjoyed covers that feature royalty of any kind. A royal quest of sorts. Here's a favourite with a not so typical princess to start it off:

by Robert Munsch, illus. by Michael Martchenko
(Annick Press, 1980)

Can't wait to hear from you kind lords and ladies in the kingdom of children's literature.


  1. I love the covers with artwork by Peter de Seve that feature Princess Cimorene of THE ENCHANTED FOREST CHRONICLES by Patricia C. Wrede.

  2. Those are great covers. I like how Cimorene gets a tougher look on the cover of book two and three. Thanks Kathryn.

  3. I immediately thought of (Canadian) Kenneth Oppel's THE KING'S TASTER, but alas, the king himself does not appear on the cover: Link