Monday, June 21, 2010

The Eyes Have It

I'm excited to be the Fantasy Correspondent for JacketKnack. I often read fantasy books simply because I'm intrigued by the jackets. The eyes below all drew my attention. Eyes are supposed to be the mirrors to the soul, but do these eye-catching jackets mirror their stories within? You might be surprised:

The Keys to the Repository (Hyperion Books, 2010)
  • The lovely lacy frost around the keyhole gives a shadowy suggestion of a monster lurking, but a vampire... ?

Numbers (The Chicken House, 2010)
  • Science fiction or fantasy? The numbers suggest science, but this story is about precognition and clairvoyance--

(Orbit, 2010)
  • The title is a giveaway, but it's still an interesting cover. Is the man in the reflection the title character? Did you notice him at first glance?
  • These two books are the German versions of Kim Harrison's "The Hollows" series (Dead Witch Walking and A Fistful of Charms--publisher: Eos). You might see vampires in these eyes, but if you look under the cover, you'll find witches and pixies, too. The English/American cover versions aren't quite so intriguing, but the rest of German covers for this series have different eyes which are equally fascinating. You can check them out here, but, disclaimer: the site is written in German! I have no idea what it actually says.


  1. You've chosen some great "eye" covers. I actually found them a bit disconcerting to look at, but maybe it's because I feel like they are staring at me. The "Numbers" cover is quite creative with the side profile of the eye. Can't wait to see more fantasy covers.

  2. Think about what a cool "job title" that is -- a fantasy correspondent! I love it, lol! Also love how you focused on the eye on all those jackets, Patti. The eyes definitely attract me on the covers above!! I think that's because I am immediately intrigued -- whose eyes are these and what are they seeing? Beats having the image of the protagonist on the cover! As a reader I like to imagine those things for myself, thank you very much, and the eye definitely lets loose my imagination!!

  3. The eyes really do grab you. So much so that I wonder if readers lay the book on its face when they're not reading it, just so the eye won't be staring at them, giving them the willies.

  4. The first eye cover that drew my attention was the one with the keyhole. I have a thing for blue-green eyes and I love love love that particular eye. It has a marbled look but is so crystal clear, reminiscent of a pool of water. The German book covers--the whole series--are very creative, with each eye a different color and each pupil a different shape. Made me wonder why the American versions of the same covers are so boring--just the protagonist on them.