Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tapjacketing #10: Covers, Comps and a Last Quack

 I've decided to step back from my blogging a bit in order to concentrate on creative writing, so Jacket Knack is being taken over full time as of today by my co-conspirator and partner in crime, Carol Brendler. As a parting gift, here are a few links that have interested me lately. Click on "Link" and presto-change-o, you'll be there.

1. Link: PUBWEST Book Design Awards have been announced. Winners in the kids' book category/illustrated are Larry Gets Lost in Los Angeles (see image above) by Michael Mullin and John Skewes (gold medal), Los Tres Jueyes Magos by Jose Agosto Rosario (silver) and The Legend of the Star by Stacy Gooch-Anderson (bronze.) Winners in the Children's Book/Non-Illustrated category were Adventures on the Ancient Silk Road (see image above) by Priscilla Galloway with Dawn Hunter (silver), and Greatest Moments in Sports by Len Berman (bronze.) I love seeing the 50's-style image of the convertible up there next to the people on camels. Two hot climates, two different solutions.

2.. Link: Over at BEYOND THE COVERS, designer Ian Shimkoviak has a long thrilling series of "comps" for different adult books ("comps" = "compositing" - mock-ups of possible covers.) I continue to think this is one of the most fascinating aspects of looking at book covers - being allowed to see what was considered but rejected, and hearing the reasons behind those decision.

3. Link: "Pull a book at random from your bookcase and look at its cover. That is all you need to travel back to that specific moment when you first read it."   Wow. Fantastic page-by-page from CHIP KIDD by Veronique Vienne, over at Google Books - intelligent assessment of Kidd's work, and lots of photos of his covers.

3. Link: "To the untrained eye, the white space is often ignored, or unnoticed....The proper use of space between and around the elements of a design can tell it’s story, shout it’s message, or whisper it’s meaning." Interesting article about white space, from the OOLIGAN PRESS blog.

4. Link: More from OOLIGAN, this time a summary of Erik Spiekermann's thoughts on typography.

5. Link: Speaking of typography, if you love it (I'm talking to you now, Carol) and love letterpress, be sure to watch this video.
That's it from me - Carol, it's all yours.



  1. Gentle Readers--As you can imagine, I'm feeling waves of separation anxiety alternating with well wishes for Julie. She made this blog sing with her poet's sensibilities and her enthusiasm for design and she'll be missed something awful. Julie promises to become a JK reader, though, and I hope she'll continue to participate.
    Me as the Lone Jacket Knacker is a thought which terrifies me just a little, though, so I've recruited some new voices to blog about kids' book covers with me. Watch this space for more.

  2. the queen has moved on, long live the queen!