Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tapjacketing #7

Following on Carol's Declaration of a Little Nonsense, these items are pure fun. Click on the word link to take you there.

1. LINK: Adam Rex's post last month revealed a rejected cover for Jon Sciezka's BOYS READ (thank you, Carol, for this link.)

2. LINK: Author Ellen Potter talks "about Book Jackets and the Closet Sprite" over at mackids (and thanks again, Carol.) 

3. LINK: We'll soon have an interview up of Helen Robinson,  the art director for namelos, Stephen Roxburgh's interesting new consortium of independent publishing professionals engaging in "the opening move in a new age of publishing." Helen was the designer of our friend Nancy Bo Flood's wonderful first novel, WARRIORS IN THE CROSSFIRE, published by Front Street, so we'll be able to get Nancy's reaction to the cover design decisions, too.

4. LINK:  Well, not exactly relevant to kids books (unless you think of Surrealists as unrepentant adolescents  - which I do, occasionally) but relevant to covers in general, here's a look at the special preservation difficulties presented by a book cover designed by Marcel Duchamp and Andre Breton. Sneak Preview: "The trouble with the book is its cover, featuring a foam rubber breast..." I can think of a few YA readers who might be interested in that one. Thanks to  GRAPHIC ARTS (the blog of the Graphic Arts Division of Princeton University) for the story.

5. LINK: It's a little weird to link to an older post from Jacket Knack, but my question about pink covers continues to get quite a few responses. Philip Falco, the designer for the cover of HOW TO SAY GOODBYE IN ROBOT by Nancy Standiford (all pink cover except for a black retro telephone receiver) takes me to task a couple of times for what he feels are inconsistencies in my argument that the cover needlessly exludes YA male readers who might have read the story and liked it if the cover hadn't looked so chick-lit.  I thought readers of Jacket Knack might like to follow up with the ongoing Comments,  a record for a JK post: 28 and counting. Pipe up and add a comment if you feel like it. As for me, I'm done - it's been interesting, and not exactly pleasant, but I do think the conversation deserves attention.


  1. Looking forward to the interview with Helen Robinson who designed the covers for 2 of my books!

    She's magnificent - both as artist and as a person.

  2. Joyce, we have that interview scheduled to go up on Thursday, March 18th - and we're excited, too.

  3. Oops - my mistake. The interview with Helen Robinson will be up in April as part of a whole "blog tour" for Flood's novel, WARRIORS IN THE CROSSFIRE. I'll try to get an exact date and post it here soon.