Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tapjacketing #5: Patience and Fortitude, New-York Style

Here are some interesting cover-story links you might enjoy. Click the word "Link" and it will take you right to the source.
The NYPL Lions - Patience and Fortitude
1. Link: Elizabeth Bird's invitation to a jacket-related event at the New York Public Library. Oh, to be in New York City - imagine those two lions being neighbors of yours? Heaven.   

2. Link: Best discovery of the past few months, the International Children's Digital Library site, where you can look up book covers from around the world by an amazing number of categories, including shape, subject, language of origin and color.  Unreal and fabulous. Thanks to Carol, who first took me the ICDL direction by pointing out a blog entry about Iranian books over at A Journey Around My Skull.   Below is a cover I love, language of origin is Yiddish, which affects the direction this elephant is facing, since the book is read by turning this cover the opposite direction books in English are turned.

3. Link: Interesting cover-thoughts from Elizabeth Parisi, the art director at Scholastic, via an SCBWI Conference report by Jaime Temairik.

4. Link: Editorial Anonymous's thoughts on the latest cover gaffe from Bloomsbury. Bottom line: WTF?

5. Link: Ooh, fun! A Flickr collection of mid-century picture book art, including covers.


  1. Oops! Link #4 is to Editorial Anonymous, not to Cheryl Klein's blog. Might want to fix that, as I don't think they're the same person (or at least, I would be surprised if they were!).

  2. Quite right re: the link at #4! I've corrected the text.