Monday, January 18, 2010

5 Pretty Neat-o Title Fonts

For your viewing pleasure we present some recent releases that have pretty neat-o typefaces on the cover:

An Eye for Color, a picture book about Josef Albers (Henry Holt, 2009). Clever.

Next, we have Fallen, a young adult thriller/dark romance about good ol' fallen angels (Doubleday, 2009). The typeface has just enough of a romantic feel, no?

Incarceron (Penguin, 2010) is a dystopian thriller. Unlike some people out there, I'm still not over steampunk. Love the clockwork lettering.

The Rock and the River (S&S, 2009). Not an unusual typeface, yet it's clean and fresh here.

Ellen Hopkins' Tricks (S&S, 2009). Edgy and dangerous.

See also this pretty neat-o post about a documentary coming out this month about a typeface museum. Really.


  1. I love that you have a post celebrating fonts! And I agree with your choices--most excellent.

  2. Thanks, Jess! I am well and truly becoming a font geek. :-P I have another set of cool covers lined up already for the next Pretty Neat-o post. Let me know if you spot one.

  3. Fun! I'm looking forward to your neat-o font posts, Carol. Just want to point people to the documentary film by Gary Hustvit, too, called HELVETICA - the feelings aroused by that typeface range from rage to adoration! More about it at

  4. Love the Incarceron cover! Good picks - these would draw me in for sure!

  5. Thanks, Steph! I think typefaces do more than we realize to catch our interest. I wonder if there's a study out there that shows how it works.

  6. One great site for learning about the subliminal appeal of certain typefaces is, especially their archive of articles - go to

    Dangerous site, though - you could fall in and never come out, so it requires self-discipline in order to come back to the real world and get your work done.