Monday, December 21, 2009

A Message From the Jacket Knack Team

Jolly holidays! We're taking a short break from posting this week, but stay tuned. On Monday, December 28th, we'll post our picks for best children's book covers of 2009. The burning question: Will Julie's picks be radically different from Carol's? We know it's exciting, but please, try and contain your enthusiasm . . . and yet . . . yet . . . we just know that containing yourself will be utterly impossible once you read this next part, the latest Jacket Knack news: Beginning in 2010, Jacket Knack will be doubling its posts to two per week! Yes! Two times the interviews, two times the TapJacketings, two times the exploration and analysis of children's book cover design. Yay!

Deep breath.

Better now?

So yeah, it's true! Carol will be posting Mondays and Julie Thursdays. We're stoked, man, totally stoked. And hey, thanks, as always, for reading and keep those comments coming. Tell your friends about us, won't you? And . . . happy new year!

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