Thursday, November 12, 2009

Random Quack III

Because Jacket Knack sounds a bit like quacking and in honor of our masthead image, we offer the occasional duck-related story on this blog. This is what we like to call a random quack. Here's our latest: Make way for very early ducklings, whose chronologically impaired parents apparently (say that three times fast) felt the lure of romance in the air along with unseasonably warm weather in the UK. See article.


  1. Oh, no! It's getting cold now -- hope these little guys make it.

  2. I love the English. They'll probably re-route all the traffic on nearby roads, post "Caution: Duck Crossing" signs, and they'll have volunteers organized to feed them day to day. No way that people in the land of Beatrix Potter will let ducklings die. At least not out near Bury St.Edmunds. And certainly not in the home of Britain's smallest pub, The Nutshell.