Friday, August 21, 2009

Chip Kidd--An Interview

I'm going out of turn because I'd like to post this video of a recent radio interview between the CBC's Jian Ghomeshi and American book designer, Chip Kidd. Julie and I are both fans of Mr. Kidd's work--plus, I have a secret crush on Jian.

Kidd talks about the Kindle, the desire for authors to have a say in their book's cover art, Harry Potter, Stephenie Meyer's TWILIGHT series cover art, and lots of other book design-related topics. It's worth taking the time to watch:


  1. Fantastic, Carol - thanks! I've never seen the man in motion.

  2. Cool interview.
    But I think covers sell books. The cover can catch my attention and encourage me to look inside. It isn't often--but I will buy a book because I love the cover, which is the tipping point of whether or not I buy it. (Yes, there can be other tipping points too.)

    We often choose to buy UK or US version depending on which cover we like better.
    I admit, I have a book buying weakness.